In what’s been a interesting modern twist on segregation Senator Brian Kelsey of Memphis and  Germantown Tennessee has introduced a bill that “permits persons and religious or denominational organizations, based on sincere religious belief, to refuse to provide services or goods in furtherance of a civil union, domestic partnership, or marriage not recognized by the Tennessee Constitution”. Based on the wording it’s unclear how far this bill will reach.  It appears to be intended to specifically allow people to discriminate against same-sex unions, but it could be as broad to allow discrimination against any individuals in relationships that the state of Tennessee doesn’t specifically acknowledge, this could be same-sex, Jewish, Indian, Inter-racial, Muslim, Mormon, Polyamorous, Buddhist.  It isn’t clearly laid out and when you’re discriminating against one group it sets precedent to discriminate against others.

I encourage everyone to reach out to members of the Tennessee House and Senate as well as major businesses that are based in Tennessee to ask them the following questions about sb2566

Are you familiar with the bill sb2566 that would allow refusal of services and goods based on religious beliefs?

Do you believe that businesses should be able to refuse services or goods if a customer does not live according to their religious beliefs?

If you run or were to run a business would you refuse goods or services to customers if they were in a relationship that did not match your religious beliefs?

What, if any, relationships do not match your religious beliefs (eg same-sex, Catholic, Christian, Jewish, Indian, Inter-racial, Muslim, Mormon, Polyamorous, Buddhist)?

What, if any, are relationships that would cause you to refuse goods or services to a customer if you run or were to run a business (eg same-sex, Catholic, Christian, Jewish, Indian, Inter-racial, Muslim, Mormon, Polyamorous, Buddhist)?

Do you have any additional thoughts on a bill that would “permits persons and religious or denominational organizations, based on sincere religious belief, to refuse to provide services or goods in furtherance of a civil union, domestic partnership, or marriage not recognized by the Tennessee Constitution”?

If you do get any responses please send them to info@lgblt.org


Here’s the news story that brought this issue to our attention


Some additional information about the Bill


Should a business have a political stance, would it have the same protections under the first amendment, is it allowed to attach or express negative views against a specific group of citizens?

Since the initial comments that Dan Cathy made to the Biblical Recorder there has been a strong and I believe correct backlash, however there are those that responded to the backlash because they see it as an attack on their rights, freedom and beliefs.  Most of these people aren’t bad people and many of them don’t actually believe the same beliefs that Cathy expressed in the interview, they have simply confused the issue and I hope to clarify it for those that will listen.

This isn’t about an individual’s views and it isn’t normal freedom of speech.

Dan Cathy was talking about the beliefs of the company in the interview, “as an organization we can operate on biblical principles” so the rest of the interview comes off as the speech of a company not an individual.

An attack is different from expressing beliefs.

There isn’t outrage in a company being operated with biblical beliefs or christian morals, it’s about his attack on other people’s freedom of beliefs “I think we are inviting God’s judgment on our nation when we shake our fist at Him and say ‘we know better than you as to what constitutes a marriage’ and I pray God’s mercy on our generation that has such a prideful, arrogant attitude to think that we have the audacity to define what marriage is about”.  He is saying, as Chick-fil-A mind you, that you are prideful and arrogant if you disagree with his definition of marriage.  This isn’t an expression of his faith, it’s going beyond that and attacking those that believe otherwise.

There is an intent to discriminate.

With his biblical principles being the foundation of Chick-fil-A they would consider marriage as only between a man and a woman, based on this there are too many situations that can arise in a company where they may easily discriminate.  Can you bring a same-sex spouse to a company picnic, are they covered equally under an employee’s insurance plan, if they have a family discount on food are they ineligible to receive it because according to Cathy they aren’t a member of the family?

Chick-fil-A has every right to operate with certain religious principles and in some ways that’s a great thing, however they should not operate in a hateful and discriminatory manner.  It’s great when companies operate in positive and helpful manners that encourage and support certain groups in our community but when they attack and discriminate against anyone everyone should be outraged.

Chick-Fil-Gay Sandwich

What’s that?  You’re all sad and depressed because you like fried chicken in sandwiches but the folks over at Chick-fil-A hate gay people?  We’ll the bad news if that if you don’t have another place near you you don’t have any easy options, the good news is that you can cook one up on your own and it’ll taste a lot better (unless you suck as a cook, then you should get a friend to cook for you)!

Learn to cook, don’t support gay haters, eat tasty chicken sandwiches.  Sounds like a plan.

Thanks to Gawker for keeping an eye out!


I’ve heard plenty about the stance of the management of Chick-Fil-A but I’m still surprized by how open they are about their anti gay marriage position.  They have every right to express their religion openly but it is hypocritical for them to take such a strong stance against the rights of others when they are openly enjoying theirs.  I mean really “we are married to our first wives”? Way to be a jerk to all the lesbians that still aren’t allowed to legally have a wife.

This is one of the reasons why we exist, to raise funds for causes that will protect and further the rights or the LGBT community.  When you see a company that is trying to block those rights you should not support them, take your business somewhere else, and encourage your friends to do likewise.


It Begins!

It all starts with a sandwich, but in our case it starts with a text, that becomes an idea to raise money for Lesbian Gay Bisexual and Transgender causes, then it becomes a sandwich and with any luck the end result is real positive change.  We aren’t out to change everything on our own but through the idea of BLT themed sanwiches that raise money for the LGBT community we can provide a way that anyone can help make things better!